Fish Krill 200 ml


As with our pop-up boilie range, Baitology dips are specially formulated to match and compliment our Premium range of baits
All of our dips include essential amino’s combined with specific, high quality flavour enhancers so as to give the maximum feeding trigger to your hook bait, thus making our dips ideal for attracting the wariest of carp.


It is worth noting that our field testers have found our dips, particularly effective when fishing single hook baits, especially if used during the colder months

So as to gain the maximum “pull” to your hook bait we recommend it is soaked in your chosen dip for at least 15 minutes, and, as you would expect from a high profile bait manufacturer, all Baitology dips are PVA friendly, you can therefore, be totally confident that you have a good bait presentation when using PVA bags or stick mixes


Let your hook bait soak for at least 15 minutes.

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