The science of Bait by Baitology.

If you’re a regular visitor to the angling shows around Europe, you’ll be familiar with a company called Boilie Design. Based in the Netherlands, this company, fronted by Marco Bottenberg – a man who always seems to have a smile on his face – is one of the main manufacturers of boilie-making machines.

It is also a major producer of boilies, as well as a wholesaler of ingredients. Up until now, this aspect of Marco’s business has been to make baits for other companies, but he’s now launched his own range of baits under the Baitology label.

What’s special about these baits is that they are manufactured by a company that’s been at the forefront of bait-making for over 15 years – and they’re incredibly good value.
There are two ranges in the Baitology portfolio – the Premium and the Essential. Both ranges consist of several different types of boilies, with nine flavour/additive variations in the Premium range, and five in the Essential, all of which harness the enormous bulk-buying power of Marco’s businesses to produce quality baits at remarkably low prices.

The baits all contain genuine Haith’s Robin Red, Orange and Gold, along with a mix of low-temperature fishmeals, predigested fishmeals, squid and salmon meals, fresh liquid/paste krill (imported direct from Norway), Antarctic krillmeals, and top-quality flavours.

Marco has also developed an egg compound which ensures that the Baitology boilies harden correctly and with the perfect texture every time.
In short marco is always working to improve and develop.